The Performance is Over!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of preparation, singing, dancing, talking, laughter, and SO many memories!  The M.C. came up, made the introduction, and 1 hour and 45 minutes of singing was underway!  We culminated 8 months of preparation with 23 songs, done and performed by 24+ amazing actors along with a great crew who ran lights, sound, hair, makeup, props, curtains, ushering, ticketing, etcetra!  It was fun and such a maturation process for all of us.  I enjoyed spending time and building timeless relationships with every one of the people I worked alongside.  We had issues yes, with things not going perfectly, but that makes it an even better opportunity to be humble and to acknowledge that God is in control, and I am not.  Stay tuned for Photos from the performance, and perhaps… maybe… even some clips of the songs! 🙂

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